Tankless Water Heater Parts

Sooner or later, your once brand-new tankless water heater will need some tender-loving care. For that, you will need some tankless water heater parts. You will find out here what the various parts are and where to find them.

Tankless water heater parts

Both point-of-use and whole-house tankless water heater units have parts that wear out or break over time. Depending on whether your water heating system is electric, propane, or natural gas will determine what your future parts purchases and installations might look like.

Basically, tankless water heating systems have the following parts in common:

Cold water in terminals
Hot water out terminals
Heating unit (heat exchangers, can be one or more)
Electrical plumbing in
Gas plumbing in
On/Off power switch assembly
Various switches

While the first two items typically will last the lifetime of the unit, the other parts may wear out sooner, especially the heat exchangers and the various switches inside the unit.

Where to find tankless water heater parts

The best place to find replacement parts for your tankless water heater is your vendor. Your vendor will have replacement parts on hand for emergency repairs. Give your installer a call and he can most likely get to your house in a couple of hours and check out your system to troubleshoot it. He will probably have replacement parts in his repair truck. If the part or parts you need are not parts that are replaced often, he may have to place an order with a local parts wholesaler. Generally speaking, those parts will be delivered same-day.

If you want to bypass your original product installer (perhaps he has gone out of business, cannot get out to your place in a satisfactory time, etc.), you can try various plumbing and electrical supply stores. They will carry some parts for the most common tankless water heaters. If they don?t have the parts you need, they can special order them through their wholesalers. Note that you generally cannot conduct business with a wholesaler unless you have a contractor?s license.

Finally, you can do a search on the internet for parts. You will be amazed at what you can find online. In fact, you can find virtually anything you need for your tankless water heater all from the comfort of your home.

Of course, you will have to wait for the item to be shipped to your home, which can prove inconvenient if you are out of hot water for a few days. In most cases, however, you can pay extra for overnight shipping. Often times, you will find that you can acquire replacement parts far cheaper online than through your local tankless water heater installers or vendors.

However, there is one big caveat. When you buy parts yourself, you either have to install them yourself or hire a contractor. If you have your parts replaced by your vendor or some other party, there is usually enough margin baked into the price that your installation is free or at a discounted rate.

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