Eemax Tankless Heater ? SS019240TC WholeHouse Unit

The Eemax WholeHouse unit is a super efficient, energy safe tankless water heater that will keep the hot water coming every single time that you need it. The stainless steel design of the actual unit is something anyone could be proud of to put in their home. Due to the amazing design that this handy unit has, there is no heat loss just because the system is in standby mode. A single flow switch is located directly on the system and you get to control it!

The Eemax SS019240TC WholeHouse unit is almost 100% energy efficient and since the unit is so extremely energy safe, the power used will go towards heating the water and nothing else! Saving money is the number 1 reason people have been switching to tankless water heaters. This is because these heaters are able to instantly heat the water as it is needed whereas traditional heaters have to work all the time to keep hot water in the huge tank.

This unit includes 2 feeds: one for hot water delivery and the other for cold water. The water connectors are ? of an inch in diameter and should be quite standard for most homes. They also have a design that allows for quick disconnections as well as connection. So, if you happen to have an emergency that requires disconnecting the unit, this system is made to deal with it with ease.

This powerful unit only requires the use of 2 breakers, each of 40A while the unit only requires 208-240 volts and 15 kilowatts to allow for on demand hot or cold water, whenever it is needed! The actual box of the unit is of workable size with dimensions of 12 by 12 by 4 inches and weighs less than 13 pounds, which accounts for how it is very easy to install anywhere throughout any home.

The WholeHouse SS019240TC Eemax tankless water heater will begin to heat the water when it reaches two and a half GPM (gallons per minute) speed at about 52 degrees Fahrenheit starting temperature. With a maximum water flow rate of 3 GPM, this Eemax tankless unit will support every type of activity you have planned and it is sufficient enough to handle a home that runs 3 or more bathrooms. Also, a 5 year warranty for leakage and a 1 year warranty for parts are both available with this unit as well.